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Renee Fontenot Free

Message from Renee

The Secretary of State’s office safeguards our elections and protects the public’s trust. It should not be used as a political stepping stone, or a political prize.”

Unlike all the other candidates, I am the only one who has never run for political office. And I alone have real experience and real knowledge in running the office. I have spent my entire professional career preparing for THIS job, and want nothing more than to do the work of THIS office.

My heart’s desire as Secretary is to help preserve Louisiana’s rich culture and history, assist Louisiana business, provide accurate and accessible corporate records, promote citizen involvement in the electoral process, and conduct fair, honest elections.

I humbly ask for your vote.

About Renee

  • Renee was attorney of record in over 23,000 cases in a section that operated at zero cost to the taxpayer… and was promoted to Section Chief in 1995.
  • After the 2016 floods, Renee spearheaded the door to door effort to get information to and protect flood victims from scams. She walked door to door for weeks assisting flood victims.
  • In 2000, Renee and her children discovered their love of horseback riding… she became a founding board member and secretary of the South Louisiana Team Sorting Association.
  • In the wake of Hurricane Katrina… Renee was vital in bringing in electricity, voting machines, air conditioning, poll commissioners, and voters to ensure a fair and corruption free election.